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September 2021

Stan van Eijk named ambassador of the 2021 World Pair Championship

The Dutch pair driver Stan van Eijk has been named ambassador of the FEI Driving World Championship for Pairs that is being held in Kronenberg from 8-12 September 2021.


The accomplished driver who hails from Schinveld in the south of the Netherlands is one of the top ranked pair drivers in the world. At the 2019 World Championships in Drebkau he earned the individual bronze medal and was the driving force behind the Dutch team’s silver medal. Van Eijk is the reigning Dutch Champion and has won a number of national and international competitions during his young career. “I am truly honoured to have been asked to represent this World Championship as their ambassador. They were looking for a representative who was a good pair driver, and I hadn’t even thought of myself,” laughs Stan. “But it was really nice to be asked and I am extremely proud to be so.”

Waiting on the team coach

Stan combines the training of his own horses and those of other drivers with the running of the family business ‘Biej de Tant’ in Schinveld, a popular restaurant situated in the beautiful Schinveldse woods. Stan and his family took advantage of the Covid-19 lockdown to renovate and expand their business. But the wait has now been long enough and they are getting impatient to begin not only again with their business, but the horse shows as well. “We have been training hard and are prepared for the new season. There are a number of competitions on the calendar with the last being the World Championships in Kronenberg. Of course, it is not yet certain if I may compete at the championships, it will depend on my results and the health of my horses, they are animals after all. Until the moment we receive the green light from the team coach I will keep concentrating on improving my horses. As of right now, they are working really well, are fit and we are all keen to start the season!”

Stan van Eijk named ambassador of the 2021 World Pair Championship

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